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Most Scenic Summer Road Trips in the US

Summer is one of the best seasons in a year that you must get out on a road trip with your family. If you wish to go on a road trip this summer and you do not know what you can do then the best way is to rent a car. By renting a car you’ll have the freedom of relaxing and you get a clear picture of the beautiful views around the major highways in the US.

7 Best Ideas For Your Trip Across USA This Summer
1. Alaska highway

This highway starts from British Columbia and then winds its way through Yukon territory. This road is about 1460 miles ends at Delta junction but if you wish to you can continue your trip to Fairbanks.

2. Blue ridge parkway

This’s a 470 miles drive which connects the Shenandoah National park at Virginia to Great Smoky mountains at North Carolina. Through this road trip, you’ll be able to see various traditions such as Cherokee traditions, Appalachian music, and crafts. You’ll be able to see many historic sites, wildlife and sceneries.

3. Canada to Mexico

You can start your trip at the Canadian Rockies, to Sonora desert and then through Montana up to Arizona. You can decide to stop at resort know as Whitefish, Montana or at the gateway in Glacier national park.

4. Charleston to New Orleans

This route can take you to Savannah, Ga which’s one of the most beautiful and charming cities in the US and also a famous tourist attraction site. As you visit Atlanta, you will be able to get many historical and fun itinerary. This trip ends in New Orleans, where you can visit the French Quarter and see the old cemeteries, enjoy fine food and music and see the riverboats.

5. Denver to Glacier

You can start your trip at mile high city up to Yellowstone National park where you’ll be able to see a lot of sceneries. In case you’ve time, you can continue your trip from this park so that you can visit the old boomtowns at Southeast Montana also the Glacier National park.

6. Colorado to Lake Tahoe

This road which is about 1070 miles can take you through the Rockies, Crested Butte and Colorado’s Black Canyon at the Gunnison National park. From Colorado, you will enter Utah a beautiful town which has so many national parks.

7. Oregon trail

This’s a national historic trail in the US which cuts across 6 states and it’s about 2,000 miles. It starts at Independence, Missouri and then ends at Oregon city. You can get the opportunity of crossing the Snake River at Glenns Ferry in Idaho. When you’re at Oregon, you can visit the national monument known as John Day Fossil Beds. Some of the historical records about the earth are preserved here.

As seen above for you to access this road and enjoy your journey with your family and friends then you must rent a car from a reputable agency near you. So many people have rented cars and they’ve been able to enjoy their road trips, why then should you hesitate in hiring one?